With you this Christmas
With you this Christmas christmas stories

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this was suppose to be for yesterday, but I forgot to so here ya go

and yes, I used a song tittle for this tittle credits to Why Don't We

With you this Christmas

She was back... only for the holidays. But that was enough. Ever since Iris had left for college she hadn't talked to Luka.

She was so... what's the word?




no not that either

more like Saudade

How did she even know that word? It didn't matter because soon she would get to see him.

the boy that she had so deeply fallen for so many years ago.

And now....

now she was back home


the bells chimed

the carolers started to sing their songs

and the lights lit up the freshly fallen snow.

the hours went by and she continued to wait

just when she thought she needed a miracle she saw Luka

..... but he wasn't alone

there was a girl standing next to him

but being the stubborn girl she was...

Iris walked up to them

" Luka! I've missed you so much." there was an awkward pause among the three of them before she spoke again

" Mind introducing me to your friend?"

Instead of Luka being the one to talk it was the girl " Hi, im Ivy. You must be Iris! Luka has told me so much about you!"

" H-He has?" Well this was news to her

" Yea and from what I've heard you two would be the perfect couple"

" C-couple? But.. I thought... I mean.... aren't you two already together?" Thats when Luka and Ivy started laughing and Luka spoke for the first time that day

" Iris... I told you... your the girl I love, not Ivy. She's just my friend. But you....."

" Your the girl I want Iris. Your the only girl I love"

It took her a moment but it finally dawned on her.

He loved her.

Not Ivy


And she loved him.

" I love you too Luka" A light blush spread over her face

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