Serial Killer
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marghe97 Mostly sad and graphic poetry.
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See you in hell sweetheart

Serial Killer

We were in the woods,

It was so dark and cold.

I was planning to kill you slowly and painfully.

I have been dreaming of blood gushing,

Hearing your screams,

And looking at your body fall on the ground.

I fucking hated you.

I felt so much anger inside me,

I wanted to slash your throat and then stab you just for fun.

It turned me on, I was dreaming of it.

I had a good plan,

And it worked perfectly.

I felt nothing,

No guilt,

Or regret.

I did not cry,

I was laughing my way through my own darkness,

The galaxy of pain, and fucked up things that I had in my own soul.

I had blood all over me.

I was so calm and collected,

I walked away forever, left you laying on the ground.

I went back home,

And decided that my life was over,

I was living just to end yours.

The last thing I did was die with the most angelic face,

But with the devil living inside me.

See you in hell sweetheart.

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