I am the Darkness
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marghe97Mostly sad and graphic poetry.
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Look around,
The world is falling apart.

I am the Darkness

Call me back, you said

Of course, my love.

I had to leave for a moment go away,

Breathe my own air, and bathe in my own blood.

Yes, I will buy that thank you, I hope she will love this.

Darling, you are right I would have

But I fucked with the forces that our eyes cannot see,

And now the Darkness got a hold of me.

I am sorry I did not mean to hurt you.

But you hurt me first.

And now that beautiful diamond ring you bought,

Reflects all the pain you have caused me.

I have been played so much,

I will fuck you over in one instant,

And leave you gasping for a ray of sun and some air.

Fear me because I am a blade,

And I will take your smile off your face, and rip your insides like a hyena.

I will leave you with your true self, and you will cry your life away.

I won’t kill you, but you wish I did.

I am the darkness,

And your fake joy had to be stopped.

Look around,

The world is falling apart.

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