Dead Sea
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marghe97 Mostly sad and graphic poetry.
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Hey love, It’s been a while

Dead Sea

Hey love,

It’s been a while

I am sorry I have been so absent

I have been looking for answers in the deepest waters

Oh, baby you won’t believe what I saw

Reflections of devil’s tears, smiles, and failed romances

I felt it all at once

It hit me hard through that heart of mine that could not feel anything

And I thought about that rainbow that follows you everywhere

My god have you seen how your eyes shine?

What is love without some pain?

And what are we, if not some dust in the wind?

Oh, baby don’t cry now, it’s okay

I had to leave eventually

Happiness never lasts forever

And neither does our love

You see we’re a swing

But we never touch the sky,

That’s because we love the underground

Of course, you’re my Hades

Oh, I have loved you for so long

I will kill myself for you, I will quit everything, love me, love, love me, you begged me

No I can’t, I don’t want love

I want the truth. I want reality

You see love,

I will always look for answers,

It’s time to leave again.

I will be in the darkest places

Do not look for me.

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