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margauxlipayon Community member
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Poem about someone who is questioning the end

Have We?

Have we reached the end? The finish line? The end credits? What happened? How'd we get here? What happened to forever? To long-lasting? What happened to the amazing memories? The late night talks? The conflicts we've conquered?

Have we reached the end? Why did we end up like this? All broken up in pieces. It's fixable right? We just need to glue it back together. What happened to us? Was it me? You? Both? What did we do? Or better yet, What did we NOT do? I'm confused, so many questions left unanswered.

Have we reached the end? The end of the road, where we just part ways. Well, if we have, I refuse to let this happen. But why? Why are you giving up? On me. On us. What happened to "I'll always be here"? What happened to "I'll never leave you"? Please explain, cause I need to understand.

Have we reached the end? But how? We've barely even started. So many things ahead of us in the future. So many struggles in life where we can conquer together. So many memories to make. So many laughs and tears. Why? Why are you leaving me behind?

Have we reached the end? I was hoping you were different. Different from the others who left me behind. I was hoping that maybe this time, This time, no one is left behind. Not you, not me. So why have we reached the end?

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