A Doll for Christmas
A Doll for Christmas horror stories
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Once my parents gave me a doll for Christmas...

A Doll for Christmas

Once my parents gave me a doll for Christmas.

At the first time, I did not pay much attention to it. Well, this is a doll. An ordinary doll, what is the big deal?

However, a little bit later, when I was alone at home, in the evening, I saw a weird shadow behind this doll. I screamed in fright, and then a shadow leaved.

After sitting in bed for a few more minutes, staring fearfully at this doll, I stood up resolutely, took it and went downstairs to the first floor.

I went into the living room and sat the doll in a chair.

I stood for a few more seconds, looking at the strange doll, and then I turned around and wanted to leave, but I heard a barely audible rustle behind me. Very slowly, I turned around.

The doll was still in the chair, but its head was turned slightly to the right of the previous.

I stared at the doll in confusion, not knowing what to do.

"You're not alive, are you?" I asked. "Because, if you are, I'm gonna mad."

"Silly little Suzy," whispered a doll. "I'm not alive but I have a soul."

I recoiled from the doll in horror, tripped over something and fell. In response to my actions, the doll laughed, opening her mouth and moving her hands.

"Please, don't hurt me..." I begged.

"Oh, Suzy, I won't hurt you. I'm just gonna kill you!" a doll answered.

I closed my eyes and braced myself for something terrible. A minute passed. Two minutes. I opened my eyes and saw the doll, which froze motionless in its original position.

Maybe it was not real? Maybe I just heard and imagined all this? Or maybe am I out of my mind?

Suddenly, someone grabbed me by the collar of my sweater and threw me violently into the corner of the room. Overcoming the pain, I raised my head to see someone. However, no one was there.

Just me and... Oh my God, where is the doll?

I got up from the cold floor and ran to the chair. Nobody was there. Then I looked around the whole living room and realized that there was only me. I went to the kitchen, but it was empty too.

Maybe a doll in my room...

I cautiously climbed up to the second floor and opened the door to my room. I stood for a long time, listening to the deep silence. Silence. There is not anyone. I am alone in the house.

That is all right. That is okay.

Suddenly, I felt cold hands on my neck again. Fear paralyzed my body and mind. I could not move or even breathe.

"You should be dead," someone wheezed.

"Why?" I asked crying.

"Children must pay for the sins of their parents."

In the next minute, the unknown took me by the hair, fixed my head between the doorframe and the door, and slammed it with force and... I died.

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