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Below is a snippet from CAN I BE REAL, authored by myself, Marc Hardy. To view the full chapter and the rest of the book, it is available on and on Amazon.

The System

Below is a snippet from CAN I BE REAL, authored by myself, Marc Hardy.

To view the full chapter and the rest of the book, it is available on and on Amazon.

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“Every day we fight the system just to make our way

We been down for too long, but that’s alright

We was built to be strong, cause it’s our life, na-na-na

Every day we fight the system, we fight the system

We fight the system (Never like the system)

We been down for too long but that’s alright, na-na-na”

-Kendrick Lamar ft. Alori Joh (Hiiipower)

You all have been able to accomplish a great feat. What you have created here in America is a sociological experiment that has gone exactly how you all planned it to go.

I think one of the most amazing things about it is, most of you do not even realize it exists. It’s something that was created by you and for you.

It’s been hidden from you so that the pure image of the white race remains intact.

If you actually knew what your people have done, anyone with a conscious would understand that this country is not all it says it is.

If you really open your eyes, you’d be amazed at what you all have been able to accomplish.

Your ancestors have put so many things in place to maintain the power you have over everyone else in this country all while maintaining a glistening reputation. Well, in your eyes at least.

The System, as I will refer to it here, was built with hate and selfishness.

It’s made up of laws, traditions, and biases that have been used as building blocks to create the massive building of oppression. It has endured years of societal progression.

It has survived decades of great African American Civil Rights Leaders who speak out against it. The System has outlasted every protest, sit in and riot.

It’s what keeps us hopeless as a collective minority. The System was built a long time ago for no one but you.

This Chapter, like the rest, is not meant to badger you but to inform you of the truth as the minorities know it, and as you should too.

Since we were young school kids, we were taught to admire the brave Christopher Columbus who traveled far across the water in search of new land.

We all know that resulted in Native Americans being slaughtered throughout this land and Columbus got a holiday named in his honor.

Now, there is no way that you all would allow someone to come over here today and take America away from us.

What made this situation ok in Columbus’ opinion was that the Native people were not as civilized.

Though this does make me think, who said you all are the perfect example of a civil human being? Anyway, we were taught to praise Columbus for his heroic work.

American history was written by old white men who were looking to portray their people in the best light possible,

but we all know that our history books leave out very important aspects of our history.

This is a crucial part of The System because if you don’t know what happened in the past, you can’t explain the present or future.

If you don’t know that you stole land and free labor to start this country, you are overwhelmingly naïve. This history is not just taught to you but minorities as well.

It’s very easy for minorities to start to believe some of the rhetoric we are fed. Constant negative rhetoric can weaken one’s pride in whom they are and where they come from.

We go through school learning the same thing you all do, except we go home to live and see a different truth every day.

America continues to portray Christopher Columbus as a moral and brave man.

You all tend to think so highly of yourselves that you don’t see the injustice that is right in front of you on cell phone footage.

As we matriculate through the American education system, we find more and more examples of skewed history that is used to deceive our perspective of reality.

Thomas Jefferson is considered one of the greatest US President of all time. Thomas Jefferson not only owned a slew of slaves but raped and used black women as sex dolls.

He abused them with no remorse. Black women are queens and for him to do those filthy things makes me cringe.

All respect to the great advancements he made for this country, but I have no respect for him or his legacy.

Black women get treated so badly, but white men can’t seem to keep their hands off of them.

They experience discrimination based on their sex and race but are arguably the most intelligent and strongest group of people this planet has ever seen.

They can overcome anything you put in front of them. Even the dirty, scum of the earth rapists who want nothing from them but their perfectly crafted bodies.

Yet, as a child, we were taught to respect and appreciate all he did for our country but never are we taught about his sick fantasies which he carried out with his helpless black slaves.

Obviously, I have to mention the brief chapters on slavery that barely get any attention. Slavery is minimized in history books intentionally.

This country was built on the backs of slaves, and for some reason, we often found the time to highlight the “good” slave masters who didn’t beat their slaves as much as other masters.

When you take a group of people away from their homeland, bring them to a foreign place shackled in the belly of inhumane conditioned slave ships and force them to work for roughly 200 years,

I think that deserves more than just a chapter in a history book. My people were stripped of their culture, language, religion and everything they knew.

Our families were torn apart, and we were left to sleep on dirt beds of despair.

You forced their culture on my ancestors because once again, we were considered barbaric and needed the white man to save us.

The plot twist though is that now our culture is one of the most replicated and admired with little to no recognition.

Beyond slavery, any black man or woman who spoke out against the injustices of The System are either not mentioned or portrayed as a violent radical, take Malcolm X for example.

There have been plenty of books written on slavery by my black brothers and sisters that take you a little deeper,

but I want you to know that the act of bias history reporting is the foundation of The System.

It doesn’t stop at distorting history to paint white people in the most positive light.

Something that lasts beyond our high school history class is the media, which we now consume at rates similar to the speed of light.

The media, which is owned by rich white men that sit on the board of directors of Fortune 50 companies, is just as distorted as our history books.

Your leader of this nation loves to mention fake news but says nothing when black people are unfairly portrayed as criminals and thugs.

The media is the easiest way to warp the minds of as many people as possible.

That’s why when a black man is killed by the police, it is represented totally different from when a white woman is killed by the police under the same condition.

When Justine Damond tragically lost her life at the hands of police, a picture was shown of her in full makeup, smiling, in front of tropical palm tree leaves.

It honestly looked like her LinkedIn profile or the picture on the back of her autobiography.

When she died, the focus was shifted to the officer being a Muslim who killed a completely innocent white woman.

Philando Castile was murdered by the police, and the media pushed the darkest and meanest pictures of him they could find.

Instead of explaining why the officer was wrong, they focused on arguing why the officer acted in the right manner. There is no one checking to make sure news outlets are clear of bias.

They paint pictures how they want, and you must know that they won’t be reporting anything that goes against people who look like the owners.

This is the same System that incarcerates black people at alarming rates. The criminalistic identity that is applied to black people is not by mistake.

After slavery and sharecropping, the wheel was reinvented as mass incarceration.

When you teach the school children that black people are violent criminals, and you make sure to keep positive images of black people off the television screen and media,

you mold the minds of citizens into believing that black people belong in prison.

That is how the justice system can arrest black people much more frequently and give them longer sentences than white men who commit the same crime.

When you make the drugs most frequently used by black people appear to be the worst drugs available, you can lock us up more.

If you can link that same drug to a life of criminal activity, even better.

The easy comparison is crack vs. cocaine.

The sentences for crack are much longer than the sentences for cocaine because you all tend to use cocaine and black people tend to choose the less expensive version, crack.

Take this into account; weed has been deemed one drug that is plaguing our society. At one point, it seemed to be the most talked about and therefore considered the most lethal.

In reality, it kills less people than both forms of cocaine and heroin, which are typically used by you. While growing up, if you get caught with any weed, you are going straight to jail.

You can imagine how that translates to black men being over-represented in our prisons.

Now it's becoming more and more legal by the year, and you have caught on to the financial gain that comes with it.

The idea of selling weed has gone from being for black criminals to white men making millions of dollars off legal weed because they have the resources to open the dispensaries. Yet, all black me

n and women are still in prison for the same drug that is making white men rich. This is The System at its peak. It allows black men to go to jail for doing the same thing white men make millions

of dollars while doing.....

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