Forests: A Guide
                 Forests: A Guide                       cryptid stories

maramel12 Mostly practicing for my WIP
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A warning to those who want to walk through a forest.

First short story on here, trying to develop my writing style a bit more.

Forests: A Guide

If you ever find yourself wandering in a forest, heed my words: tread carefully. Do not stray from the path, do not intrude at night and absolutely do not touch anything that is not yours.

The Trees may envelop you tenderly and welcome you into their lush home, but They know you do not belong.

They will watch your every move carefully; They do not take kindly to those who disrespect their abode.

If you ever hear a sudden breeze come by, know that The Trees are whispering. It is not a language we understand anymore, do not eavesdrop.

And if you ever notice it's a particularly windy day: run. Run fast and never return because They always remember, but never forgive.

Spare your life by sticking to the paved roads of society, lest you fall to their hunger.

Never get lost. Never explore. Forests are a large and alive landscape, much too big for a small mammal like yourself.

The paths were crafted by the many before you, and finished by those who escape. Many distractions lay near the paths, this is on purpose.

Do not follow, for as you weave through The Trees and crawl through the bushes, you may begin to forget where you came from. Then, you may forget where you are going.

People forget their names, their ages, even their parents. The Trees are wise, but how did you think they became so intelligent? Never get lost, for you will lose yourself.

The forest will be your home forevermore.

The Trees do not want your possessions, so do not leave them behind. Bad things happen to those who leave their artificial gifts for the forest.

If you must leave a gift, leave something that the forest can consume, otherwise beware. All waste leaves the forest, whether it is consumed by the living or the weeping dead, it is consumed.

Stealing is frowned upon all over the world. Including the forest. The flowers are not yours, The Trees are not yours, even the branches on the floor are not yours.

You are in a home that is not yours, so treat it as such. For if you find your fingers somewhere they do not belong: good luck. Fungus runs rampant in the forest, and so they are a protector.

You will find your grip faltering until there is no more grip. Instead, your fingers will fall onto the forest floor and will be consumed like any other waste.

Do not worry, the fungus is forgiving. When you are home, you may find where your fingers used to be will tingle. The fungus is forgiving.

With the tingling, you feel your fingers begin to sprout anew, but different. The fungus is forgiving, for the fungus will be your new fingers. And it will ensure you will never steal again.

If you visit the forest and obey these rules, you must still beware. They are not kind to those they take a liking to. For soon, you may find your feet will grow heavy.

Heavier than they've ever been before. So heavy that they barely leave the floor. You can try to escape all you desire, but it will be too late.

Your feet will root into the dirt below, your soft human skin will rot away and reveal the hard bark underneath; your branches will begin to sprout green leaves.

Fear the forest dear reader, for it does not fear you.

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