i before u
i before u unrequited love stories
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mara71Community member
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i before u

amateur poem on ?love?

i before u

i can’t love u

can’t give u it all

take what u can

before i have it all

get away, very far

before u get hurt

i won’t change

i don’t think i could

i’ll always come first

i’ll always take more

u don’t believe me

don’t say you need me

i know i’ll just get tired of u

find one just like u soft and new

they’ll help me forget about u

I wish I knew better, trust me i do

stay with me pretty please

i’ll always love u

an empty void in my breast

this is my birth right

a cynical voice inside my head

this is my education

i’ll love u when I’m ready

hope it’s before you marry

u, it's you

the one is u

the problem was i

i wasn’t the one for u

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