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"Lifting planets from fallen universes, Racing at the speed of light, Flying above humanity, quite literally, and by intellectual means, Living past the span beyond any organisms on Earth......."

What if there was a species that could accomplish all of this? What if there was a species specifically created by God just to protect us humans? What if there was a species that had unimaginable power? A species that was nearly invincible and could live forever, if they were careful? What if there was a species who held combined abilities of a celestial and an angel? What if they were trained from birth for the sole purpose to fight for us and we didn't even know it? What if there was a species of heroes hiding right under our noses, and forbidden to ever reveal themselves or their hidden world?

What if all of this was real?
Humans wish for these powers, for these abilities, and there are people....
No a species who has these abilities and more.
What if I told you that they were real?
They are called 'Strong's'. Quite a simplistic name for the complicated creatures they truly are. They are alive and breathing and very much real.
Do you want to see their story?


Strong- Teaser

There's a species that defies our abilities. Though "our" is vague. Humans, I mean. Ignorant, weak humans. Whether they are aware of it or not, there are hidden species among their own.

They don't hide in the dimensions of the shadows, they do not need to. They're right there in front of them. Hidden in plain sight.

A species who are the same as humans, but with a catch. A catastrophic, confusing, complicated catch that no one would expect from a million miles away.

At first glance, they're human.

Look closer...even closer.

Their breathing is different, their brains are different, their blood is different, just about everything about them is different from a normal son of Adam or daughter of Eve.

All they would need to do is change the angle, and use a different perspective to unmask this species. Yet this is a perspective humans can't grasp, unfortunately.

Even if they did, they wouldn't know for long. Although, they will never know what I mean, and I can't tell them. So don't worry about it.

We've gone off-topic, haven't we? Silly how the brain works (it did name itself don't you know).

Allowing us to skip from topic to topic, forgetting the last thought after the next and the next in an endless, unstoppable loop. And it's happened again. Laughable isn't it?

Back to the issue at hand....

Lifting planets from fallen universes,

Racing at the speed of light,

Flying above humanity, quite literally, and by intellectual means,

Living past the span beyond any organisms on Earth,

It is just a short list of things they are capable of.

Yet it's more complicated than that. If I were to explain each reason these creatures differ from sweet, simple, humanity, we'd be here for centuries.

The one crucial thing to know is that they were born to save, protect, and guide us towards success.

Their sole purpose in life, or so they say, was to shield us from the evil that's corrupting our world. The one the humans "rightfully" claimed as their own.

For that reason and that reason alone, these species have been murdered and executed for what humanity has seen as witchcraft for over millions of years.

Once almost to extinction.

Believe me, a world without them would be torn to pieces. Maybe not in two, but perhaps like when you drop a Christmas ornament on the tile.

Several large, visible pieces, and hundreds of micro-shards of glass. Harming anything that wanders in its path.

Lists upon lists of members in this species, along with many more creatures beside them with powers such as their own,

have been tortured to death and mercilessly killed for revealing their unusual abilities to humans.

Some murdered during events such as the Salem Witch Trials, and others easily killed for taking a breath.

These species are called Strongs.

Fitting isn't it? To call someone stronger than humans, Strongs?

Whoever came up with that is quite clever, I must say.

Humans never knew that Strong's were protecting them from the greater evil in the world.

The evil they had created, as well as the demons and Dark creatures that threaten this world's existence of life. I'm sure this is your first time hearing about this.

Do not blame yourself, how could you have understood when it's been kept a secret for so long? What more do you expect?

Strong's to ask humanity for help?

Setting aside the fact that Strong's would no doubt be slaughtered if humans ever found out what Strong's was, I wish we knew earlier.

Yet now that I think about it, perhaps not We'd ask them to spit in tubes, take this pill, get this skin sample, squeeze into jelly-filled capsules to look at their DNA.

We're the true monsters, aren't we?

They're our guardian angels, and we shoot their wings down with science connected to arrows and curiosity strung to bullets. Certain weapons never miss.

Although, somehow we aren't their biggest problem.

The greatest challenge in Strong's life is one of their own.

One of the many founders for The Council, one of the most forceful Strong's in history, a mathematician, scientist, and astronomer.

The great Hypatia.

Her and her predecessor, Cassandra, were the two Oracles to start the history of Strong's, born shortly after the first Strong, Jesus Christ himself.

Born with immeasurable knowledge and strife, she posed a threat to those in Alexandria, many humans believing her to be a witch.

Murdered in the worst possible way, she managed to deliver a prophecy before her untimely death. The one thing that might have destroyed the Strong's and dragged our world with it.

The story begins with one alone,

A child based off of lies

Not even sure they're real.

The fight begins with two combined.

A love story,

Simple then dangerous.

The end draws with a baby.

One with tainted blood,

The pain of the world rolled up into a child of darkness born from God.

Chosen to signal the end of our world, but the beginning of a new one.

Good or bad, who knows?

Parts of a play woven throughout the ages.

Lives which aren't their own.

The Protectors. Thrice in counting,

The Knight. A Traitor hiding in a cloak,

The Savior. The one to exterminate the Sacrifice.

The Princess. One who feels invisible to all others with a choice.

Chaos The infiltrator. The mistake.

The Healer. One who never dies yet feels pain. Who takes the pain all by herself, and doesn't accept help. Who lives while everyone else acts as perishables.

The Sacrifice. One whom we can't foresee. A girl. Merely a girl who's lost and wishes for someone to come and take her pain away.

Not the pain outside

No. The pain inside.

Some will be scripted, some on the spot.

They think they know when it will end,

But no one truly sees, not even me.

These people, These Strong's, Will save the world

With their lives.

Or their deaths.

We will never truly know what will happen. This is merely a prediction, among many others. Although, perhaps a scarily accurate prediction. But still a prediction.

One can foresee the future, but will never be allowed to choose the fate of others. Even though others may blindly follow it, not attempting to challenge the Oracle's wisdom.

The peace is broken by one conflicted of the darkness and of the light fighting inside, starting the Wars between siblings, the dark and the light.

The first piece of the prophecy is always the most suspicious.

A child who is based on lies? Who doesn't believe they're real?

It frightened the Strong's and other creatures alike. They turned against themselves. Their mothers, their brothers, amongst themselves even.

Remember Greece and Rome? The Trojan War? Every great war that has ever happened in humanity's history was caused by this one child. A child only believed to be dangerous.

Many times Strong's have tried to fulfill this prophecy.

Keyword: tried. They failed. And failed. And failed.

For years they worked hand and hand with their more mucky siblings, the Compacts.

Strong's and Compacts were destined to fight alongside one another, but they didn't realize it till it was too late.

For Compacts are the soldiers of the devil while Strong's are the soldiers of God, and darkness was always made to coexist with light.

Peace remained between the two until one Compact turned against the Strong's, thus lighting the firecrackers for the Wars.

Wars which destroyed their world, Magicae from the inside out.

They threw the world off-balance, forgetting if only for a little while that their main goal was to protect and defend those which could not do so themselves.

The dark Compacts nearly wiped out all Strong's, all but a few of them dead.

What they don't know is the prophecy was made for a time when someone will try to destroy the world.

We don't know if the prophecy speaks the truth or even if there's a chance to save the world from the evil that's corrupted it.

If you noticed it, the prophecy is for another time and place than I. Another time in the future. When this happens, that will be a sign that the end is coming.

Creeping, like a predator about to pounce on its prey. Stalking. Watching. When you have your back turned. That's when it'll happen. When the world will die.

When the Earth will soon be covered in fire and smoke.

(please check out the original link! I will only post snippets of this book, so reading the book on the original site will help you better understand the story! Anywho, thanks for reading!!!)

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