The Secret Maknae ~Chapter 2 •The results•
The Secret Maknae
~Chapter 2

              •The results• bts ff stories
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Chapter 2 of secret maknae. What are the results of your audition?

The Secret Maknae ~Chapter 2 •The results•

You were with the boys when suddenly The intercom spoke - "Min Soobin please come to the main office" 'Oh god did I do something wrong?'I thought

"Soobin what did you do now?"asked J-hope "Uhh, i actually don't know" You say back with confusion clear in your voice "Well it must be something important or you did something wrong because our boss doesn't call up just anyone to his office" He said back

"Oh good you're here"Said the boss "Hi,sir may I ask why I'm here?" I asked "Well you did an audition right?"he asked ignoring my question "Yes, but what does that have to do with this?"I say answering his question

"We got the results and we know who picked you"He said again ignoring my question "Really?!So what did I get?" I say half nervous and half excited "So you have been accepted and our company accepted you" he said

'wait what? BigHit accepted me?but i work here'I thought in my head "As I was saying we have accepted you.You have a lot of potential and as you have worked with BTS for 2 years you were put with them"He said continuing

"But I don't understand isn't Bts a boy group?"I ask "Well,yes but you are going to be kept a secret although you are a member.You will be an official member but no one will know about you. When Bts goes on tour people will hear about you then."He said

Continuing he said"Bts is going on a trip soon and you are going with them I want you to get used to actually being their roommate." "Ok sir, when I leave do I tell them or will you do it?"I say still slightly confused "You will when you go back to them."He responds

You respond with an "Ok" and leave to go back to the floor that Bts is on "Oh hey Soobin,you're back.So?how did it go?"V asked while running towards me "I have something to tell you, all."you say trying to keep a blank face

"Yea?What is it?"asked Namjoon We huddle in a circle and then i tell them " So I've been accepted by BigHit and I'm joining you guys as a secret member." Then Jimin suddenly yelled "WHAT?!!??"

"Oh my god my poor ears. Jimin SHUT UP"I yell at him "Oops? sorry."He said whispering "It's ok don't do it again though"I say back "Why are you in our group though, we are a boy group."Jin said

"I know it's hard to believe but as I said earlier I am a secret member you can't tell anyone" I say "Oh ok" V says trying to act like he's not surprised "V maybe you can fool the other members but you can't foo me I know you're surprised too" I see easily being able to see he's faking it

"Fine but we can't tell anyone right?So when are you starting" He asked "Today"I answer " and by the way we have a trip to get ready for" "When do we leave for the trip?" asked Jungkook "In 2 days" I reply

"You know how people see me during Run Bts episodes and Bon Voyage right? I'll continue to show up but you guys can't reveal that I'm apart of the group".I say "Ok"they all say

"I'm also your roommate now and you guys share rooms who am I with"I say "You're with me"said jungkook "Ok well imma bring my stuff in and then we should go to sleep it's pretty late.I'll put my stuff away tomorrow."I say sleepiness evident in my voice

I bring my stuff in from my apartment , I only have 2 suitcases full of clothes and a few bags of other stuff I take the bags and bring it to the room I see there are 2 beds and a computer in between them I get ready to go to bed and then check on the others

I go outside to find everyone in the living room playing bts uno "Yah! Everyone go to sleep we have stuff to do tomorrow and then we have to pack tomorrow as well”I shout scaring some of them

“Chill no need to shout we’re going “said Jimin as he started cleaning up with V and Jin ‘God what would they do without me’I thought I went back to my room with jungkook and found him getting into bed

Everyone was a sleep but you were out doing some extra cleaning because we left in 2 days You brought your stuff into the room and organized ,after a while you also fell asleep

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