The Secret Maknae ~Chapter 1 ~•The Audition•~
The Secret Maknae
 ~Chapter 1 

                ~•The Audition•~
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Its 2 hours til the audition and you ( Min Soobin) are hanging with bts to get rid of some stress when the time comes for the audition everyone is speechless

The Secret Maknae ~Chapter 1 ~•The Audition•~

Name : Min Soobin 24 years old Has been working with Bts for 2 years and finally decided to audition . Has also been secretly making her own songs and covering other songs .

“Soobin!”someone yells “You need to get ready for the audition.What are you doing?” “Yeah, your audition is in 2 hours.Go get ready, you don’t want to rush in and forget that you’re in pjs ,I know you’re very forgetful ”someone else added

“Sorry V and Jimin, I’m just a bit stressed I can’t seem to think straight and don’t worry I was just about to get changed”You reply back

After getting changed you go downstairs to get something to eat, while you’re opening the fridge someone goes behind you. “BOO!” You got so scared you shouted out loud “What the heck!?That scared the shit outta me , seriously Jimin you need to stop that.”

a voice from behind Jimin was heard”Yeah Jimin don’t wanna get Soobin mad now do we~”V said teasing you “Yah youu!”I said as I started chasing him around the house Just then the front door opened “We’re back!”

V looked at who it was and so did I,we saw it was Jin and the others. “Hi guys how wa-“he started to say but I tackled him to the floor mid sentence. “ Oh hi guys”I said once I had sat on top of V

“Soo anyone mind explaining?”asked Namjoon “V was teasing me” I said really quick “So you had to chase him and tackle him?” “Of course you know me”I reply as everyone started laughing

“You mind getting off me?You’re kinda heavy”V said under me straining to stay up “Are you calling me FAT??!”I yelled as I got off him and started chasing him again everyone started laughing so much they fell

“No please spare me this once!” he yelped as he was running for his life. After everyone calmed down we talked about how everything was going in the studio and then we left for the place where the auditions were gonna take place.

No one knew what song you were gonna sing except V and Jimin, you were gonna sing a cover of ‘I Need U’ by Bts you wanted to suprise the others.

When you started your audition the others watched in shock as they had never actually heard you sing before and because you were singing their song. They wanted to stay for longer but they had a dance rehearsal to go to.

You finished the audition and then went to watch bts finish up their dance rehearsal. “Hey Soobin I really liked your cover of “I Need U”and now that I think about it we’ve never actually heard you sing throughout these 2 years we’ve known you”said Yoongi

“Thanks,but do you think im gonna make it?”I ask “Of course,you were so good”V said “No doubts about it!” added jungkook

Now that the audition was done all you had to do was wait for the results.

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