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Distraction is a poem, that states the mind of a lover, what they feel, what they want and the worth of their lovers, Distraction, is a poem with emotions ,guide by critical thinking of oneness.


I feel distracted by your eyes,

Maybe there are not nice,

But it tells me a story,

That you are right.

Your tears make me feel guilty,

of no crime,

Your distraction are real, just by thinking of you,

And your smiles tell me a story of a bride and groom,

Their room never had light , but candle light,

And had red roses everywhere,

At their wedding night,

So you are to me.

Your presence, is the imagination I ever dream of,

Your passion, your courage, the you,

is what make me,

Life times moments are the seconds you stay with me.

I confess I must say,

Whe you are around me,I become nervous,

The stages of how I love you are yet to be fulfill,

Because my love is far beyond the depth of the sea,

Because your distraction never cease.

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