Weird ass meaningless rhyme.
Weird ass meaningless rhyme. stories

mannbleakbland A legend not yet heard of.
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Weird ass meaningless rhyme.

A nag in a dish rag. Playing tag in a zig zag. A tv antenna glass cannon old man with a shit ton of mana. Bonafied obese guy, and the hot lady in the distance. I eat potatos but I only eat them instant. Caterpillar catapulted into a horse fly that's convulsing. Monkey mind big eyes, finding it repulsive.

Trash can is the trash man, that unknowingly takes the bodies to the dump. Every day at 6 o clock I leave work to go to lunch. Gator head and a platypus duck bill with some dank kush. Baseball bat and a Roman rat with homeless cat that has a tank. Fish head soup nursing home goop how low can I stoop. What's my rank?

Family rug made of slugs, it's been in my family for generations. You spilt salt on it, you crusty bitch. Youre an old crustacean.

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