Jumping Water
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You'll never expect the twist in this story.

Jumping Water

Toad Hogan is just a common American bullfrog with the name Toad. He has a big ol' belly and a croak that could shake the bayou. He carries his trusty mason jar and fills it full of flies for a evening snack. He gets around good catching rides on his gator friends back. Yep, it seems he's got it made in the land of the free and home of the brave.

"Phil!" Toad said to Gator Phil. "What!" in a raspy voice he replied. Toads eyes were as big as big eyes and he couldn't hide his excitement. "I see a diamond over there Phil, it's as bright as the Sun, and big as the Moon!" Gator swam to it and Toad grabbed it and Gator thought and it hit him, an idea. "We can sale it for lots of money, and buy all the chicken and flies we want!"

"No!" Toad shouted. "This here is the perfect diamond for Maryella. I'm going to make her a ring ,Phil. That'll make her notice me! It's gotta." Gator Phil let out a big gator sigh and proclaimed " If I had to choose between a whole lotta money ,or one fleeting love. I'd choose money, everytime!" He said in his raspy somewhat southern voice.

"Well I'd choose love!" Toad said with figurative cartoon hearts in his eyes and he began to flutter just thinking about beautiful Maryella and the wonderful life they'll live. "I'm going to build us a tiny cabin by a little tiny creek with little tiny tadpoles growing little tiny feet. I love her Gator you couldn't understand you're a big heartless beast that's at the top of the food chain."

"Maryella is special, she's got those beautiful sparkling eyes and her croak makes me feel warm, just the smell of her melts this bullfrogs heart". Gator is still puzzled. "Ok, like I get that Toad but just think of all the green ladies that would fit that bill if we sold that glorified piece of glass you have in your possession."

Gator Phil began mumbling a pep talk to himself. "One way or another im going to get my cut of the pie! I'm going get me such a large chunk of change, that the whole bayou will be super jealous and the lady gators will see me and tremble from nothing but love at first sight! Because they'll know I'm a top of the food chain predator, who has a whole lotta money!" Toad was confused.

"Pardon?" Toad asked. Gator Phil was still so lost in his character developing pep talk , that he didn't even hear Toad. "Yeah, now that I've thunk on it.....id probably kill for it." Toads eyes grew big and he got concerned as he realized the beautiful lost treasure he carried might just make someone tick and do something crazy. "You can let me off here Gator Phil." Toad timidly said.

"Why?!" Gator Phil said confused. "I thought you wanted a ride into the city in the swamp, Noodleton!" . Toads gut was telling him it's time to leave, so he thought up a quick excuse. "Well, my granny lives around hear Gator and she said if i stop by she'd make my favorite chocolate fly cookies, you know how much I love chocolate fly cookies."

"Yeah you do love em!" Gator said in an exaggerated tone. They both share a laugh, although Toads is a bit more fearful. It's time to leave. "Ok, well here is fine thanks for the lift Gator Phil!" Gator Phil starts swimming to shore. "No problem, just keep me updated. I really hope she'll like it, I know I would. Huhhuhheeheehaha." Gator says a bit menacingly.

They make it to shore Toad gets off and Gator Phil begins to slowly swim away. "That's one lucky frog.....luckiest frog I've ever seen........ yep." He mumbles before submerging under water. Toad audibly let's out a sigh of relief . "Sure glad that's over, now I can get to work on Maryella's ring." The sound of streetbikes and folk dubstep are approaching from the distance.

6 Kawasaki ninjas pull up with 8 baby ducks in black leather suits with gold trim on them there's 6 guys and 2 girls. They circle Toad for a good 3 minutes shouting things and laughing like a stereotypical 80s American bully that's Japanese and a duck. "This is weird." Toad said to himself. "Why are you doing this?" Toad ask. All the bikes begin to stop in a synchronized pattern.

It starts with the first bike stopping and the others stopping after it with each one moving a bit further than the one before it and then they cut off their bikes in unison. One of the ducks steps off his bike and takes off his helmet. He begins to walk towards Toad and stops in front of him. "My name is Branson, and this here is our turf! If you wanna cross through here there's a toll, no negotiations."

The whole bike crew sternly nods their heads in unison with the same scowl on each baby ducks face. "I don't have any money" Toad says. " But I need to get through." Branson pokes Toad in the chest and arrogantly says "Well what else you got?". "Nothing, except this jar of flies and a couple rusty can tabs.". Branson glances and the big shiny thing Toad seems to be clutching under his arm.

"Well what's that?!" Branson ask curiously with a gleam in his eyes. "I can't give you this! It's for the girl i love, Maryella! I'm going to make her a ring and make her love me. We'll just have to make another bargain." The whole bike crew laughs maniacally in perfect synchronization. "We're not bargaining!" Branson says to Toad as he lunges at him.

The end LIKE FOR PT.2

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