Rush-merica(A story of country's Mistake)
Rush-merica(A story of country's Mistake) russia stories

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American's Solution for the Russian's Greatest Mistake.

Rush-merica(A story of country's Mistake)

United Nations is checking the Nuclear wealth of each country for the World Peace.Few of the Russian Territories were crossed the Rules Of UN.

So they hide them deep inside the pacific ocean which is away from Heat that cause Nuclear Weapon to Blast.

But Unfortunately after two days of hiding their Nuclear wealth there was a sudden and heavy movement of Tectonic plates inside the ocean which caused more heat inside the ocean.

As the heat inside the ocean is increased and reached to the heat necessary for blasting a nuclear bomb,

due to the large amount of heat the Nuclear Wealth has blasted inside the ocean which created more disturbance inside the ocean and started to raise their water and form tsunami.

Due to tsunami most of the japan is collapsed and the united states of America has only 48 hours left for tsunami to reach them.

After this information gained by the Government of United States they has only one solution to save their country,

it is to make a counter tsunami by blasting nuclear missile opposite to the direction of tsunami when both the tsunami's meet each other it gets balanced.

But the problem with this technique is if they didn't make that tsunami exactly opposite to the direction of the other tsunami they has the problem of loosing their country entire with both the


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