Imagination of 11.11
Imagination of 11.11

 imagination 11.11 stories

manihcl7 Community member
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Imagination of 11.11

Dear Readers, The life is full Of occupied our imagination. When we born ...we don't know y we are here . After joining the school We have a lot of questions like Why we r here Why we can't Why we r following each other After joining college Need to pass all semesters with good marks... Need to get one good job After joining the job Need to get one good salary After getting the good salary Need to upgrade ourselves After getting all the things Man needs peace ... Which man can't purchase by money. Sometimes we feel something why am here and what I will do... Where is the god I feel some times I have some super powers that I can't realize... Still I hope I have some super powers Some times I seen frequently the ti.e of 11.11 But I's nothing... I have one wish Like I have to kept more money in my bank And secretly am the richest person in the world.. I have securities and etc... But when I will visit my native place that time I will be a normal person...that nobody knows am a richest person... I want to be rich but I don't want to show them any body... I want to help everybody in this world which I have .... I beleive my self my imagination will be true one day.... The Endless journey of till my breath.....

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