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She was beautiful, not just from outside, from inside as well.
She was kind, she helps and take care of her family and cared about me and my family as well, I loved it.

Love - Dumbu - Budhu

She was beautiful, not just from outside, from inside as well.

She was kind, she helps and take care of her family and cared about me and my family as well, I loved it.

She was disciplined, you know she is from a good family and respects tradition.

She was foodie, I always wanted to learn cooking. We both love to cook

She was perfect, at least I thought so.

'We look beautiful together. What do you think?', she said and I blushed.

I started to strongly feel for her. She was special. I felt good.

‘Are you sure about me? She asked’ she seem to be worried.

‘Yes, I am sure’. I knew being from different cast and from conservative families it's difficult but I can handle it. I loved her.

'paneer grill, chicken grill', I fed her with my own hands, ‘You like?’ 'Yes!', he exclaimed. I smiled.

I held her hand. Kissed her and said "I love you chottu, you are mine"

Teary eyes. 'i am yours mani, this is the most important day of my life' she said

I was never passionate about anything and never had any big dreams.

After I met her and spoke to her.. We made a ton of dreams a ton of promises, I imagined a beautiful Life .. I was passionate about her. She was the only passion I had.

had misunderstandings, we spoke. We both agreed. We both were close to heart, she meant the whole world to me after my parents. We both were on top of the world. we made love for each other.

She was in every way perfect for me. We didn't have trust issues. I wanted my mom to meet her. I planned everything.

at Last movement, she canceled it after my request saying it's very important for me. I was angry. Met her spoke to her everything again and said sorry.

She called me again. said everything will be fine and we can be happy together forever. I believed her. I loved her more than anything.

All of sudden she ignored me. I called her, messaged her, after multiple requests and attempts to talk to her.

I got a message.

'I need some time'. The message said.

'What happened?' I asked

Blue is my favorite color. But, I don't know, blue ticks made me uncomfortable.

‘Reached home', I texted her as per my ritual to text her when I reach home, and she would then call me to know how my day was.

No calls. No texts. No greetings.

Our chatbox never felt so empty. But, I patiently waited for her call and text. I used to check my phone every minute hoping she would call me. I never felt so awkward in dialing her number.

She needs time. But how much? I must have done something wrong. But what? I thought.

One message received It was from her. After almost weeks I smiled.

'We are good as friends', the message read.

The smile disappeared. I was shattered. Is this real? I felt the numbness. But, I tried my best.

'I am sorry, I know it's my fault. Come back.’

'What is wrong? Talk to me.’

'Please, tell me the reason. Why you are doing this?'

'Please stay.’ I said as I cried harder.

She never replied.

“Can we meet for the last time?” I asked

“No.” she replied without giving it a second thought.

"Please" I requested.

"I have my works and I am busy" she said.

Forget about goodbyes, this love story doesn’t even have a bye in it.

I literally begged her for a month to meet and for closure.

In this process, I think it hurt her more and misunderstood my

Care and love as pestering.

Not moving on as weakness.

Not letting go as stubbornness.

Sometimes we don't get closure all the time and it I think is not required either. We just have to learn to live with that pain.

I felt literally helpless and cried. Cried a lot because the one who I truly loved wanted me to stay away.

I didn't say a word to her and I still stay away for I can't see her sad or guilty any day, but I always wanted to say one thing to her. “TO LOVE YOU I DON’T NEED ANYONE, NOT EVEN YOU!”

I am not crying because it ended. But because I still love you. Even after you ended it and ignored me completely.

Tears start rolling down my cheeks, when I guide your hair behind your ears, in the first meet of yours in the farmhouse.

Every love story doesn't have a happy ending because TRUE LOVE doesn't have an end. I still love you in silence. Because you cannot reject me in silence without a word.

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