lying, cheating scumbag
lying, cheating scumbag hurt stories

manicmangos just a boy with a heart and a pot of tea
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that’s all he will ever be.

lying, cheating scumbag

why? why did you have to leave? did you not love me? even though you had said it countless times.

am i uglier than her? am i less important than him? could you not take my anger? though you said every time that it was okay. you said that you’d stay for me. you said that you’d never leave me.

but you did. you placed your body in a bed with a girl and a strap on. you left me helpless. you tore me to bits and broke me down one last time.

why? am i worthless? did i really mean that much to you if two weeks later, when i was trying my best not to break down in public, you were already moved onto someone new?

it hurts more to hear from someone else that i have chlymidia. word spreads fast, doesn’t it? if i was so toxic then why wasn’t i the one to spread things about you? of course.

because all you are is a lying, cheating scumbag.

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