My mistake
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manicmanic and venting
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My feelings of letting my soulmate go.

My mistake

Whomever said “to have loved and lost is better than have not known love at all ”

Must have never been checked into the “heartbreak hotel” for long, my heart weeps with the mistake of letting you go.

My brain, that 3 pound universe in all of its complexity and power and heart have never been at such odds with one another.

One uses reason and logic to try and soothe the other,

while the other uses unbound passion and flows like water trying to break through the smallest crack in the walls that have put up so that I can continue to struggle and try and deal with

the hole that has been left in it.

I’ve been told that the pain won’t last forever and with time it will lessen,

but alas the pain has only gotten worse and the scab which has tried to form only keeps ripping away and renewing the pain with every memory of your presence, your energy and your smile.

I don’t know if I can ever be okay again without you here with me.

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