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manic manic and venting
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Some choices hurt more than you realize.


It’s early in the morning my child

You broke through the darkness

Your piercing cry shrieked into the abyss

A bond that wasn’t meant to be made

Was clad in blood and iron

This moment etched into my heart and soul

Binding my heart to yours

The fear of loss crept into my marrow

Glacier cold terror flowed through my veins and froze my heart

Tears flowed down my face as the candystripper took you from the room

My heart brittle and frail

Fell from above into the pit

Shattered like glass

Now in pieces

A jigsaw with no end

To finish the puzzle would expose this scar anew

Every thought of you sends me into a state

Every cry resounds like a gong vibrating through every corner of my mind

Shattering my soul and breaking the dam

Falling apart


It won’t be the last time

But every time I fall

I come back stronger

So I can be there for you

In anyway I can

My heart just yearns to hold you

To wipe away your tears

To make you soup when you’re sick

To watch you grow day by day

But fate was not kind

And the choice was made

But you are alive

And in this world

One day we may get to converse

A tale like no other will be told

I hope you can forgive me

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