I’m done
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mane3 Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
I’m done with everything honestly this might be my last poem/story to publish here so I hope you like it

I’m done

I’m done

With hatred anger and pain

I’m done

With being stuck in a never ending rain

I’m done

With watching my friends make wrong choices

I’m done

With people who don’t use their voices

I’m done

Watching the world spin into a chaotic mess

I’m done

With the lies and the muffled I guess

I’m done

Feeling anxious panicked and sad

I’m done but wait...

I'm done with the hatred but I'm too scared to stand

I'm done passively watching but it's all I've got planned

I'm done with the liars but I'm the worst of them all

I'm done with emotions, but I still let myself fall

I’m much too afraid

And I don’t know how

To use the numbness as fire

Or to yield flames from my frown

It’s all just a mess

Like the wreckage of nature

But this disaster is different

This disaster has been planned

Oh this catastrophic nightmare

It’s the wreckage of a man

I’m done....

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