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Blank Cinema

a hall so dark empty

as i walk around wondering what is this place

i hear whispers in every direction

I couldn't help but think did I fall into an abyss, will monsters eat me will ghosts haunt me!

then suddenly out of the darkness, I see my siblings walk out carrying snacks

I was in a state of shock but after one blink i was transported to a cinema

I didn't know what to do I was scared so I just followed my sister to our seats

after sitting for a while i couldn't help but notice the screen was blank and then i heard some whispers that turned into screams

I panicked I wanted to grab my sisters arm and ask her whats happening but the cinema was empty

i was alone sitting in the middle thinking of what i possibly could do

I couldn't think at all the screams where terrifying i was panicking and when i felt a hot breath blown into my face

i got up and started running towards the door without looking back at the thing following me for what I thought was a demon of some sort

while i was running i could finally see the door the light coming from under it gave me hope but suddenly my legs go numb

i tried running as fast as i could but i was just running in my place it felt like gravity was pushing me down

I thought this was the end and i look back but it was the same empty cinema filled with thousands of seats so big i couldnt see the end of it

but there was this one black figure sitting in the middle staring at me it felt like it was looking at my soul

I tried to take one step back but it flew into my direction which caused me to wake up with a loud scream

i was breathing really fast like i ran a mile and sweating to the point i was sitting in a puddle of my sweat

I was grateful that I woke up from that nightmare but I couldn't stop thinking what was that black creature

after that dream, I was scared of cinemas and I even got mad at my sister that she left me its like I forgot it was a dream and everytime she reminds me i just end up laughing.

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