XX (chromosomes) By MM
XX (chromosomes)
By MM women stories

mandymiller You’ll choke on the words you dont speak
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How it feels to be female

XX (chromosomes) By MM

I am a woman

My body Is hills, and valleys

Like my emotions Highs, and lows

My shoulders are strong

My shoulders are strong They carry the weight of the world

My shoulders are weary

My shoulders are weary But find it hard to share the load

I am a woman

I know I can run hot, and cold And worry about growing old

I am a woman

Not hormonal, not crazy

Not hormonal, not crazy I have a million conflicting messages Coming at me daily

Be my rock, the only one

Be my rock, the only one Who can keep me grounded, and lift me high to blossom in the sun

I am a woman

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