True story (A dream I had)

True story

(A dream I had) dream stories

mandm When the sun shines we shine together~
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My dream 2 years ago

True story (A dream I had)

Dreams are weird. Like...all floaty and calm like if you know what I mean

Here’s one of my dreams which I personally like to call the pink room. Enjoy

Me and a bunch of other kids walked into the room.

The pink room. We all knew what it was and we all didn’t.

But since it was a dream it didn’t matter

It’s hard to remember but I remember that they wouldn’t let us out of the room.

I don’t know who “they” is

Eventually one by one a masked person would come in and take one kid at a time.

They never took me but I had to watch every I “knew” get taken. And then I was all alone...

Right before the dream ended I was able to walk out again and I saw everybody that was taken... lying on the floor dead, their eyes were blank, and they had no mouths.

lol that F***ing scared me and I woke up. I have weird dreams

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