A longing for the Past
A longing for the Past stories

mandaj Reflecting on life through my words 😊
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A tad long but was written to help me transition from high school to college. I struggle with change so this poem is personal and my favorite I have written.

A longing for the Past

Every minute we breathe

Is every second wasted

For every argument and dispute

We have missed out on building memories

All the blames and regrets

Preventing happiness and success

The hurt and the pain

Flooding the love and joy out of life

Things that we can never redo or

Go back and fix

A longing for the past

The unknown journey we're afraid to take

The risks we refuse to endure

Being captivated by the past

Hanging on to the feelings, hopes, and

Desire we once felt

Not understanding that no matter what

Re-enters our life

It will never be the same

Since we left it behind

Everything changes over time

So the things we hold on to

The past that we can never seem to leave behind

Is not worth the fight

Sometimes leaving the old

And letting in the new

Is more beneficial then we really think

The most extraordinary remedy to misery

Is letting go and setting yourself free

Forgive but never forget

Because when it's all said and done

Memories will be your healing

Every past has a memory

Every present day holds a moment

Every future has a new story

And every story is worth telling

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