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manan_choudhary Community member
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Your womb was the safest I ever resided

Thankyou for holding my hand till the day I could really rest upon

Hope I am the child who you would be proud off

I am sorry if ever you were to be ashamed to this society for my faults

May be I am not a perfect child but I love you.....

Lost in the woods I kept screaming your name.

Swear to the eternal divine who dares to mess with you

Death awaits for that person, seeing your wounds isn't resistible

War is the small word for me to go to just to protect you.

May be I am not a perfect sibling but I love you............

Betrayal, Love, Humility, Sacrifices and what not lessons are to be learned

You bastards have never let that stuff go out of fun

My soul fills with life when I see you people

I may be rude, cruel, straight-forward to show you the reality of myself,

May be I don't know if I deserve my friends in my life but I love you...........

Attachments are cruel and painful to health and soul is what life teaches

Let's talk in a language of fool, channel where your entry seizes

Scratching scars to hating the relation bars I readily accept the tails

I apologize to the people who cared for my naiveness, hope I could make it correct one last time

May be I lacked maturity throughout the phase that's gone but I still love you............

I wanted a hand and I was given one

Who supported me yet got a kick for helping is now ready with a hefty gun

Life gave opportunities by bring people that were angels in human skin

For all I could remember is resting over emotional scars under ignorant sins

It's okay that you have left my hand but I still remember "us" together ....happy, sad, terrified but just wanted to say that I love you............

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