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A personal poem
Original character do not steal

A lesser angel muses

I was not there when Satan fell

Yet still I have a tale to tell.

I was assigned to a harem

In some remote part of Eden.

God said: ‘Cater to your affair,

For you have food of thought to share.’

Lucifer sent three fiends my way,

Who fell my fief with no delay.

One was a foul and full faker

Who moaned at me and my maker;

One was a void and vile villain

Who charmed my most esteemed maiden;

One straight-up forced my sect astray

He was both snake, and swine, and stray.

I fled their numbing, noxious touch;

From far I watched them stain and smutch

My pure and pristine protégées,

And thus berated me Yahweh:

‘You idle when you should bridle.

You rot and rust while ill and lust

Are rampant in your residence.

You have proven yourself torpid.

I banish you to that horrid

Shrine which I and you once possessed.

You are now under house arrest.’

Thus did the Father consign me

To live among the enemy

And my made manifest frailty

For the rest of eternity.

I was not there when Satan fell

For in heaven I was in hell.

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