A Fine Night
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malvaiseuf think of yourself first and foremost
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Party tales appear to be a staple on this platform. Don't mind my bringing my own stone to the edifice, as the saying of my people goes.

A Fine Night

I willed not go to the party an hour before departure.

Then I resolved: there would be 10k days to brood as there had been many before - the 'Why not?' won over the 'Why?' and, suited up, I made for town.

I had never touched drinks before - that is, never to that extent which liberates one from his sense and allows for the intrepid. I met a friend I made this year.

He was early, just as I was, for though disgruntled I would not make it an absolute in me.

He smoked; so did the keep - and for the first time openly did I not scorn cigarette smoke like the prude I had vowed to be ev'ry lucid second of life.

I grabbed a glass right off the bat: then was no time for half-measures. I drank it whole in sober sips.

Our hosts and guests had arrived, the happy bunch I'd wrongly spurned in my idiotic crusade.

Then came music and yak galore - more on this later I shall shut, for though my mind remembers clear, some details are best left untold.

Methought I always spoke so true: I was proven I could do more than my habitual uproar. My obsessions sprung all at once.

I spoke of love, genes, race, merry, all on the tone of tongue and cheek characteristic of my pique.

It was all fun and games, I say, for I made sure no one angered, not even those I claim detest though my heart be for all at rest.

A most impenetrable soul - as for body, I can't account - who holds against me thoughts most sore did I not quarrel with that much even after four drinks too much - mark, I ran on empty stomach,

for I knew nothing of liquor's most basic and adverse effects. I played with ties and played with hair; most innocently - thence my pride - did I first approach my flight bride.

Alas, the darkness caught up quick: the last hour is but a glimpse, though one of articulate speech - that I relented not, I preach. By the elbow was I brought back into the carriage to my flat.

A fine night - as all things

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