Next thunderstorm of azhagi's life
Next thunderstorm of azhagi's life  marriage stories

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Marriage life is a thunderstorm ....

Next thunderstorm of azhagi's life

Note : Previous parts link provided in the comment section and its a 3rd part of the story.

Recap: Azhagi's marry Aarav without her wish and force of family members

Azhagi's husband family also poor family, her husband left her and went to city for work.

Aarav - he is guy who don't about the world, people's behavior , how to take care a family and even he doesn't know his family members characters as well. He knows only work.

Because he went to work at the age of 14 itself to take care of the family. and he doesn't talk much with family members and others.

This is another thunderstorm for Azhagi. she lived in her home (i.e) in her mother's home not in husband's home.

But anyway, she is taking care of both the family members. For that she went to extra work.

Even she has less food in her home , one of her relative waiting for her everyday to give food and talk. Azhagi called that relative as mom.

God will support everyone in a different way.


Azhagi husband will come to village once in a year, he gave some amount to his family.

Like this time , Aarav visits village. but its a late night and azhagi stayed in her home. Aarav has severe stomach pain.

His family members gave some home made medicine but its not helpful , that medicine makes more pain than before.

He started vomiting and its full of blood.

In the meanwhile, Azhagi and her family members came to Aarav's house. Aarav doesn't has a hope that he can live further, he thinks he will die. so he called azhagi and his family members.

And handed over azhagi to her family members, and said "i will die , so please take care of azhagi".

Azhagi and his family members are shocked , they don't know what to do at that time. they didn't say anything.

In the meantime, others are tried to arrange vehicles to take him to the hospital. Finally , they arranged the vehicle but no one knows to drive.

Azhagi takes her husband into the vechicle and went to the hospital. (Even Azhagi does not know how to drive , but she has some courage to do that)

the treatment is going in the hospital ...

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