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It's a life for one who receives help ...

The story of one who receives help

Little things

One Family lived in the city , they came to city to survive since farming is not available in village.

The family has 4 members, one couple (husband and wife) and 2 childrens

Initial days in the city they lived in the small house both husband and wife go to small work, in that 2 childrens one is girl and another is boy , a girl is elder than boy ..

So that girl helps her mother in household chores..

Husband went to builder works , and wife went to 2 to 3 houses of household works..

They got less salary and that salary is used for food and rent , but they wished to sent their childrens to school..

But they don't have enough money so they borrow some money as debt..

They somehow manage the salary for survive and studies for the children

Years goes like this, both the children are grownup , so that house is not enough for that family ..

They moved to new house but that house rent is higher , so the couple decide to do extra work..


Days goes like this ...

One day in that city some rowdies are fight and one of the big rowdy is died police and government announced 144 act


No one is allowed to go outside ..

This news is thunderstorm in their life ..

They managed the food whatever available in the home ..but they are able to manage one week only..

After they don't have food to eat they has to go work ..but that act is still there police is not allowed them to go....

Their children started crying for food...both of them don't know what to do..they have only one option pray to god....

At that time one rich family offer some groceries and rice to poor people with the guidance of police ..


But, bad luck for that family ..when they went it's over. They didn't get that groceries ..

They returned to home with sad and confused about what to say to their children..


One lady near in their house called both of them..and ask we got that groceries but that is not required for us.. can you take that ?

Both of them surprised and happy and they said yes...

They got that groceries and feed their children..

After some days the situation back to normal, they go to work ...and manage their family

Moral of the story:

Help others with what we have ,

it's a little thing for the one who helped but it's a life for one who receive the help

Thankyou friends for your time

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