Hidden feelings - Part 2
Hidden feelings - Part 2 hiddenfeelings stories

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Hidden feelings is not erasable and may cause serious problems

Hidden feelings - Part 2

Rachel's father admitted in the hospital

He is under serious condition , Rachel does not know this.

Her mother not informed Rachel about him

At that time Rachel's school has arranged the trip.so she was so excited to go to trip

She came back from school, but her mother and father is not in home, only her uncle is there in home ..

He told mom and dad in hospital , lock the door and stay inside your aunt will accompany you

There is landline is available in her house , she tried call her mom and told about the trip , mom told no , convey to school that you are not coming for the trip..

Rachel feels sad about the trip and confused why mom and dad in the hospital ,.

She doesn't show to her relatives and parents about the sadness of not going to the trip..

It's a midnight but Rachel parents not came back to home ..

Rachel asked her aunt , but her aunt convinced her with fake answers

At that time in hospital Rachel's dad's condition become serious , doctors told Rachel's mother only God can save him ..

Rachel mother started prayer and everyone who knows Rachel father started prays.

Finally all prayer is succeed and Rachel dad's back to normal


Rachel's mom ask Rachel to come hospital with her aunt and uncle

Rachel came to the hospital and saw her dad is lied in bed ..so feels so sad , another feelings added in her mind why mom does not told me ..

After some days, Rachel's dad back to home , but his business is down , none of relatives helped him , so they plan to go village

Rachel is little girl with age of 12, she doesn't know the people's mind ..

She usually talk to the relatives but they avoid her , they even not looking her, they thought if we spoke to her we have help her family

These behaviour of relatives, hurt Rachel ..

After she face so many behaviours like this from the relatives ..but she didn't tell to her parents

She hide every feelings inside her

20 years later....

Rachel's father and mother faces lot of struggles in these years to make her study

Rachel studies and hardwork make her successful business women ..

Rachel's family back to normal...

Rachel changed a lot .but those hidden feelings in her mind remains unchanged

Moral of the story:

Never show your angry or fear to your or other childrens ., Beacuse that stays in their mind and never erasable..

Sometimes it cause serious problems too....

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