Crush or love ? (4)
Crush or love ? (4) love stories

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She accepts it's a love

Crush or love ? (4)

Then, the talk continues,. But he is not accepting whatever their friends told. And she is quite didn't say a single word

She knows onething , he will do whatever he decide, it's not easy to convince her, there this thousands of thoughts running in her mind


Her mind and brain starts fight

Brain: why you care about him, leave it Mind : because she loves her Brain: no he is just a friend , he is like a brother

And she accepts yes I love him, but I won't say to him and others because he is not ready to accept , he is not ready for commitment and my parents also won't accept this

But, I can't forget him, he is only person who I feel more comfortable, he is the only person who knows me very well other than me, I feels safe with him, I feel happy with him, if my life is with him it will be beautiful

She cried in the night , only her pillows knows the feelings


She wakes up in the morning with an idea, she started planning to show him , about love , about commitment

First plan:

She invites him to the park which they meet earlier, both of them started walking in the park, she showed him lovely couple to him and told see how close they are.

They may be nearly 80 years old, but see how they care about each other , that is beautiful commitment right .

He smiles and didn't say a word

They returned to home , she feels sad and started thinking of next plan......

To be continued ....

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