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Thank you so much for the 100 followers! and please read this post!!


Please Read this!

100 Followers!!!!! YAY! Love you guys😍!! And Right for the new year too! Off to a great start!!

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much this is Amazing!!! I can't believe I have 100 Followers <3! You guys are the best!

To Celebrate 100 Followers I'm going to 1. Have a Q and A, for my followers. 2. My followers can give me prompts and I'll write a story or a poem for them.

3. DM me, if any of you want to do Collaborations, I'd love to do one with each and every one of my Followers because you guys are just the best! 4. Also If I get ten people willing to participate I'll start weekly contests!

Thank you so much for the 100 Followers! I can't believe it, my original goal was 20, Thanks for being such a wonderful community!

So just ask any questions you have in the comments, please nothing super personal, but anything else is ok! You can also comment any prompts you have for me! And if you want to Collaborate, just D.M me!

And I'll start the contests next week!! I'll post the contest prompt each Monday, you have to post them Saturday, and I'll announce the winners Sunday!

And Thank you so much!!! You guys really are the best! Commaful is a wonderful Community!!

Just some bonus pictures!

Did You like the pictures? I hope so! These are all pictures I've taken at home!!

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