Why ?
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My younger days was hectic but shit I made it. Just a glimpse of what I witnessed as a kid.

Why ?

by Malike "Young Pharaoh " Boland

Why is it I am the person I am today ?

Well I'm glad you asked mama worked her ass off and pops worked just as hard. My family was once a family but then our health came into play as well as our greed for green.

So what you expect to happen when you have no space for your messy clothes. We aired our dirty laundry and damaged the mold of our family. Cousins started shooting brothers and sisters started

instigating. Aunts started snitching. Uncles started serving and trafficking. I knew that flour was to thick to be sitting on the kitchen counter but I couldn't grasp my mind around the glad

clear bags filled with powder residue. So what's a kid to do when his uncles and cousins become the business men of the block and all he saw was the bakers man bake up pies for the block.

Why can't I live a normal life?

I guess I didn't grow up right. Didn't have the chance to live the American dream right.Dad got caught up in domestic violence and mom never denied it. But how he became violent if

he was teaching his first son his time tables. Mama wasn't right she picked the fight. She swung and miss and swung once again caught pops in the chest.He grabbed her hands trying to restrain her

but no pain runs deeper than a women's a scorn right. I witnessed it first hand my mom was a lunatic and I couldn't handle it.What's a young hopeless kid to do when he see his parents argue like

clock works. Get good grades and everything going be ok. So much for wishful thinking I did all the work just for my family to go berzerk.

She would call the cops and he would yell stop. She would tell lies and he would still love her. She feed him the cops and he never came back the same.

Almost  a year went by and I haven't seen my pops. I'm starting to feel neglected and mama can't put the pieces to my puzzle.So my actions got her puzzled causing her frustration.

So how you expect me to live a normal life when my life wasn't right.

Why the kid so passionate?

When dad got out he taught his boy to live with morals and to never give  up. He fueled his emotions and gave him inspiration .

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