Naked - Part 3
Naked - Part 3 lucifer (tv) stories

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Chloe takes charge and shows Lucifer what she truly desires.

Naked - Part 3

This was not the usual order of things. He would offer hours of unilateral pleasure before allowing himself to be touched in this way.

Some lovers would be too wrapped up in their carnality to even think of it. He was that good. And his satisfaction came very much from pleasing. He could orgasm from the orgasm of others.

It was his preferred way. But tonight, everything was different. And he felt like he needed her to touch him. And her so eager, also seemed to...

want to touch him? Like it gave her pleasure as well. Her mouth slid over as much of his cock as she could and his brain shut off completely.

He tangled his hand in her hair and gently laid it at the base of her neck as she moved her lips up and down his erection.

Her hand circled the root and started sliding up to meet her mouth in a rhythm and pleasure radiated up and down his spine as he arched against the bed trying to contain it.

His mouth was open in a silent scream, she noticed looking up at him. He was shattering from the pleasure of her mouth and her heart swelled to see him like this.

This was it, the side of him she had never seen. The one beneath all of his walls, beyond all defenses.

He was entirely hers in this moment and she wondered if he had ever belonged to anyone else in this way.

He was close, she could tell, and as much as she wanted to see him lose himself to her right now, she let go of his shaft and let his tip slide out of her mouth.

The hand on her neck moved to her cheek as she looked up at him and he lifted his head from the pillow to meet her gaze.

"Are you OK?" he asked concerned and she smiled.

"More than OK. Why?"

"Well you... stopped."

She sat up and her eyebrows drew together in surprise. "Did I misunderstand edging, then?"

Buggers! She had been able to tell he was about to cum. She was the one in tune to his cues. What was happening?

"Edging, yes, of course... that's what you were doing..."

Her tussled hair cascaded over the right side of her face and her left eye shone brightly at him. She was so sexy, redefining that word for him forever.

"Because I can, you know, finish if you wish. I would love to, really. I just... you know... gave you what you desired."

She smiled at him with what could only be described as satisfaction and he laughed.

"You certainly did. This is all so... I don't know if I am coming or going, I'm afraid." She laughed at his pun and he smiled.

He pulled her up to him to kiss her and wrapped his arms around her.

He kissed her throat then moved her up with ease to take one of her nipples into his mouth, holding her over him like she weighed nothing at all. She sighed with pleasure.

She threw herself over unto the bed next to him and pressed the entire length of her body against his. He was warm and clean and smelled amazing.

She nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck to breathe him more deeply. She kissed his shoulder and rested her head on his chest.

Then feeling languorous and playful, she took one of his nipples in her mouth as he had hers. She rolled it between her teeth and he whimpered.

What the f...? Was that him making that pitiful sound now? But the sensation of her biting on his nipple was something he had never felt before.

That sweet pain caused his cock to fully harden again instantly. Vulnerable nipples, he thought. Not so useless.

He gently turned her on her back. "Shall we take turns then, he said, sliding his hand between her legs and circling a finger around her clit expertly.

"My turn!" He started moving down her body with his familiar glee, excited to taste her again, but she stopped him with a hand around his bicep.

She shook her head no and his brow arched in surprise. She spread her legs wide beneath him and brought the head of his penis to rest against her clit.

His eyes closed as his cock felt the warmth of her. She moved slightly beneath him, causing his shaft to lay lengthwise between her outer lips.

With her hips, she made it slide up and down against her. Catching on, he moved unto the tips of his toes and moved back and forth against her, making her moan with pleasure.

He kissed her throat, hungrily moving his tip down to her ass and back again. Her legs were clamped on his waist and he brought his mouth to her ear.

"Do you like this, Detective?" She gave a short nod before trying to kiss him. She made him flip over and took over the back and forth, slowing the rhythm down at first, then speeding it up.

She brought her mouth close to his but did not allow him to kiss her.

"I love it. Do you?" she asked him between moans.

"Yes," he gasped, hands on her ass trying to slow her down. It's so good, he thought. He ran his hands down her warm back and unto her thighs, feeling her muscles working to pleasure them.

He moved his hands back to her ass and gave it a light slap, delighting in the smacking sound and the moan that escaped her lips.

She smiled at him and bit her lip, then threw her head back offering her throat to him. He was about to lick her neck when rhythmic moans came from her mouth and she started to cum.

She initially tensed every muscle in her body and he felt trapped in the most delicious vice. Her nails dug into his shoulder and the pain almost made him cum right then.

No, no, no, no, he thought, closing his eyes so tightly his long lashes were buried. He held her as she fell limp onto him, her entire weight pressed down on his chest. He could not speak.

He shifted her a little and yet still could not speak. He held her as tightly as he could, still stroking her silky hair.

She lay entirely motionless on him and it was hard to tell where his skin ended and hers began. He felt the slightest motion from her. He still could not speak.

She planted a tender kiss on his chest. At that he opened his eyes and felt them instantly water. Incredible.

For a moment, she felt spent, lying on top of him. The rub, as she called it, was something she loved and he had done it so well. Never trying to slip inside her, no matter how tempting.

Just enjoying the friction of their bodies. This orgasm had almost been more powerful than the first she had on the tip of his masterful tongue.

But aside from the unbelievable pleasure he was giving her, what she liked most was how completely unguarded he was with her at times.

He was the familiar man she knew and loved, and a new man she had never known before. She knew sex with him would be fun, but she did not expect it to be so moving.

I should probably move, she thought and lifted her head to look at him. The deep wells of his eyes instantly fixed on hers. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and smiled.

She kissed him sweetly and he kissed her back more hungrily, touching his tongue to hers and gently biting her bottom lip.

The limpness left her body as she returned his kiss, every bit his match in hunger and need. "More, detective?" he whispered between two kisses.

"More," she whispered, feeling his hand venture in the cleft of her ass and tease the entrance to her vagina with the tip of a long finger.

The ease with which he inserted that fingertip inside her told her how wet she was and it excited her. She was turned on by how much he turned her on.

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