Hexa Part Four: Destruction
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Hexa part four

Hexa Part Four: Destruction

The man was in his little cave eating with Pebbles, while there was a giant cyclops outside their cave about to rip the cave out of the ground. When it finally did, the man was startled and fell right over. He mounted Pebbles and flew out of the cave. He saw the cyclops and was petrified. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The monster shoved the entire cave into its mouth and swallowed.

The cyclops wasn’t satisfied enough as there weren’t any living creatures in there. Just the food that the man had cooked a couple of minutes ago. The cyclops looked straight into the man’s eyes and started toward him. Pebbles flew away from the monster quickly. The cyclops was surprisingly fast and caught up to them easily. Pebbles ejected the man.

He went flying towards the trees and when he was about to hit them, Pebbles swooped under him to catch him. The cyclops wondered where they went and started to look around. Meanwhile, the man was ripping a medium sized tree out of the ground. He got on Pebbles and flew straight towards the cyclops. He shoved the tree into the cyclops’ eye. It let out a bloodcurdling scream.

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