Hexa Part 5: Lies

Part 5:


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malachidavis just a smiling sun
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Sorry for the end, I got wrapped up in the story. It happens to the best of us

Hexa Part 5: Lies

The cyclops fell to the ground and Pebbles flew the man to it. He jokingly said, “Well now we don’t have to worry about food for a while.” He got a good laugh out of that, “But we now have to find another place to stay.” With the man on its back, Pebbles searched the area for another cave or some structure to stay in. After a little bit, they found a small hut under some trees. It was suspiciously well furnished.

But night was approaching so anywhere was fine as long as it was a shelter. He lay on the blue bed and fell asleep within minutes. He woke up to Pebbles opening the door to go to the bathroom. When he looked out the door, he was awestruck to see that he wasn’t in the forest he had found the hut in, he was in a snowy tundra. The cold was let in once the door was open and it was freezing cold.

The snow blind the man. Pebbles made some yellow snow outside the hut. The man started to laugh Laughing at the predicament that he had brung upon himself. He laughed at the horrible situation he had created. He laughed, although somewhere inside him he knew that the laughter was only coming from sadness that his laughter wasn’t real it was just a facade. It was a lie.

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