A ring for her...
A ring for her... rings stories

maku_lit I hope I could make you smile today☺️
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Again a random story for ring...😅 Have a beautiful day😊

A ring for her...

The sky was as pretty as the crowd.

The goddessess left their paradise in pastel colored gowns to party with the guys who all looked dashing in their suit and tie.

Flowers could be seen everywhere even on the eyes of these beautiful people. White petals were as well scattered on the red carpet as I walked on it.

My steps became faster as I saw the man of my dreams had been waiting on the end of the path.

He smiled widely upon reaching his hand to me.

I gazed on his eyes and found the tearful eyes of mine. Someone else took your hand and faced the altar with you.

"'Til death do us part" you promised her as I stood there waiting for the next lifetime to be with you.

You placed a ring on her finger and locked your vow with a kiss.

The church bell rang and I woke up from my nightmare wherein your dreams came true. I lifted my hand holding onto my phone and found your wedding picture posted on your profile.


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