A Letter to my Bully
A Letter to my Bully bully stories

makturpin Community member
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A Letter to my Bully

by makturpin

Bully: a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

I didn't recognize my bully.

I didn't recognize the harm being done to me.

Until the day I realized:

My best friend is my bully.

Betrayal never stung so strong,

As in that dawn of realization.

The truth is,

Believe it or not,

My beauty was a beast.

He didn't push me,

He didn't call me names;

He made backhanded comments,

That left me feeling ashamed.

My bully, he's one of a kind.

A kind that's a type,

A kind that is not kind.

For years, I thought this is what life is like.

That this is all there is.

But I'm realizing at last,

That I deserve to fight.

So good bye and good riddance, my best friend.

Your cover has been breached.

Find a new girl to toy with,

My bully, you're a beast.

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