Winter Contest ✍🏻 ⛄🎊
Winter Contest ✍🏻 ⛄🎊 winter stories

makoto_shido Bored of life!! Aren't you?
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Hello Guys and Sistas!! I'm holding a winter contest!!

Winter Contest ✍🏻 ⛄🎊

Hello Guys and Sistas!!

I'm holding a winter contest!!

Here are Rules~~

*Don't copy poems or stories from the internet.

*More than one story, poem, and character is happily accepted.

*Any questions can be asked in the comments related to the contest.

*Work in groups or pairs if you like.

*Participants should submit their masterpieces in the comments by a link. *Or Tag your prompt as #Thewintercontest

*It must be a newly posted piece.

*Be creative and Unique!

*Please follow one of the prompts given.

*And Swin within Stream!!


1: Write a story on 'moving into a new house'. (no time limit)

2. Structure a poem on 'friends. (no time limit)

3. Draw an animated character, drawing. (no time limit)

We will announce winners when everyone has submitted entries

1st Prize: 1 follow 3 likes on any posts. 2 shoutouts 1 Dm

2nd Prize: 3 Likes on any posts. 1 Shoutout 1 Dm 1 Comment

3rd Prize: 1 like on any post. 1 shoutout 1 DM 1 Comment

*Have fun!

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