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Dogs and a human taking a roadtrip

Animal Roadtrip

Atkins is a three-year-old, about forty five pound hound dog . Atkins decided he was going to travel the country and find different animals and have their own adventure.

Atkins originally lived in New Orleans, Louisiana at Villalobos Rescue Center, so he decided he was going to take a couple members of his pack from the shelter with him on road trip.

The first dog that came to his mind is Brinkley a six year old, about fifty pound, mix breed dog, and the color of his coat is gold.

Also a dog Atkins chose is Carnation a four year old about fifty pound, female Pitbull.

So with Atkins driving and Brinkley and Carnation as passengers they headed and they started to head off toward Corpus Christi, Texas.

" Hi pouches my name is Marty what are you three doing in this old vintage school? "

" Well human we are traveling the country would you like to join us? "

" If I can drive nevertheless I do not have a license yet."

" Sure why not? "

" Where are we heading? "

" Corpus Christi, Texas. "

" Well I have always wanted to see it "

So with their new human companion behind the wheel they started to head to Corpus Christi, Texas.

" Hey Marty what is in this green plastic folder? "

" Well Carnation it is my writing I am currently writing D.S.A., it is about dogs who are spies. "

" That is pretty cool Marty. "

" Thank you I think this road trip might be my next one. "

" Why not you will have a lot to write about and no one will not think of anything different because you are a writer who writes a lot of animal stories. "

So about two hours after they met Marty they arrived in Corpus Christi Texas.

" Hi dog " Atkins said

" Hi dogs and human being who are you? "

" Brinkley is the gold dog, Carnation is the female PitBull, the human is Marty and I am Atkins."

" My name is Eve I was born last valentines day. "

" Would you like to join us Eve? "

" Yes Carnation if your friends do not mind. "

" Not all. " the rest said in unison

So after they met Eva they agreed on what Marty was going to make the pack. He made a caprese burger for the pack.

In a caprese burger there are two leaves of fresh basil, burger bun, a burger, a slice of tomato, a slice of fresh mozzarella, and balsamic glaze.

After their burgers they opped to go to Phoenix, Arizona . So they left Corpus Christi texas and headed to Phoenix .

They chose to use route 66 and see some of the sites between Texas and Arizona and in Arizona.

Nevertheless after they left the state of Texas all the writings of Marty Myrick on this road trip were disappeared so who knows what else happened on this animal road trip .

About twenty years after the road trip the bus was found abandoned in Altamont California near the speedway, with this short story and the spy dog series.

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