The Prophecy Monster, part 1
The Prophecy Monster, part 1 stories

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A long time ago, there was an ancient oracle. She was so old that you could see her veins throughout her body. She was a seer that had a reputation to deliver deadly interpretations to the public. She lived in a tall mountain near a village filled with happy people.

The Prophecy Monster, part 1

A long time ago, there was an ancient oracle. She was so old that you could see her veins throughout her body.

She was a seer that had a reputation to deliver deadly interpretations to the public. She lived in a tall mountain near a village filled with happy people.

This village was picturesque with sunny warm weather and fresh air. The oracle was a very jealous person for she had no feelings of joy and could not smile.

Therefore, she hated the villagers for being cheerful and happy.

One day, when the people of the village were celebrating a holiday, the noise was so loud that it echoed high enough to the mountain where the oracle lived. This angered her to no end.

Finally, on the verge of mutiny, she decided to curse the town with one of her prophecies.

The seer flew down in resentment to the village to deliver her terrible prophecy. The village cowered in fear when they saw her.

Levitating above the rooftops, she cried, “Your shouts of joy have made me sick!” and with that she began to deliver her dreaded prophecy.

“When this rock touches the ground, a terrifying sea monster will rise from the waters and destroy you all!” the oracle screamed.

A second later, she lifted up the rock and threw it down in a with such rage that even the ground trembled in worry.

Luckily, one of the bravest villagers was able to catch the rock before it hit the wet grassy ground.

The oracle was outraged and flew back to the mountains, never to be heard of again.

The villagers wrapped the rock in leaves and threw it into an ocean spire as far as they could, hoping to never see it again.

Yet as the years passed, no one remembered the terrible prophecy that was soon to come in the future.

Two hundred years later, a fifteen year old boy and a girl were running down to where the spire stood with the sea monster encased inside.

“Come on, Paco!” the girl yelled, running a bit faster than her brother.

“You know that I'm slower than you Anna!” Paco yelled back. The two siblings looked identical in physical appearance. They both had attractive brown hair with glistening hazel eyes.

They also had an athletic build from many hours of swimming. They were pampered and spoiled by those around them which had given them a false sense of superior proudness.

Yet on the inside, they both were gentle and more sensitive than a small, fuzzy mouse.

Soon enough, they reached the old and withered spire where the forgotten prophecy was held. Meanwhile, the sea monster’s spirit was slowly rising to the surface in extreme pain.

Somehow, the siblings presence gave him enough power to live in their brain. The sea monster smiled. In a week, he would be the most powerful creature in the entire universe!

While under the influence of the sea monster, Paco suggested to skip stones. He picked up a small stone and threw it across the water.

“I can do better than that!” Anna exclaimed. She scanned the ocean for the best rocks and picked up an even flatter rock.

She skipped the stone so far that it fell on the ocean spire where the sea monster was, two metres farther than where Paco’s rock landed.

“That’s not fair! You cheated! Your rock was better than mine. I would have won if I had that one!” Paco shouted.

“If you think so, then why don’t you find it and try to beat me?” Anna asked. The sea monster was gleeful. As Paco reached for the stone prison, his life’s goal was about to be accomplished.

The boy picked up the stone jail and prepared to throw. The monster squeezed it’s eyes shut. BANG!

“OW!” Paco cried. Suddenly as the stone clattered away on the sandy ground, the sea monster began growing and straining its muscles.

Very soon, it grew into a colossal demon and rushed off in haste to destroy the world.

With his slimy green scales and long snake-like body, it horrified anyone who crossed his path. Anna stared at the monstrous beast in alarm as Paco lay on the ground.

The monster roared, spraying spit everywhere.

“I am finally free!” the sea monster hissed.

“Now I will get revenge the person who prevented me from rising centuries ago!

” The sea monster spread his tentacles and spun them like propellers, flying through the air leaving the two siblings alone on the gritty ground.

“OH. MY. GOSH!”Anna blurted. “That...thing is totally messed up!”

“I know!” Paco added. “Why in the world would any creature want to have a face like that?”

“Really?!” a mysteriously aggravating voice asked. “That is the first you say?!” The air shimmered. Abruptly, a freakish Elvis wanna-be appeared in front of their eyes.

As the juveniles gaped in horror, ugly Elvis introduced himself by badly singing: “Hello my name is Ezra and I am your new future.

” Ezra had slick blue hair and wore a ton of powder blue makeup to go with a fake rhinestone jumpsuit on his hairy fat body. Ezra stopped his terrible singing and fiercely looked at the duo.

“Did you let out the prophecy monster?” he demanded. The two siblings looked at each other and the whole dilemma came spilling out.

They told him everything especially about how they had released the monster terror on earth.

Ezra sighed. “Of course it has to happen to me.”

“What do you mean? Who are you?” asked Anna.

“I’m a fairy elf from the Land of Fairy Elves and I am here to help you,” said Ezra. “I know how to defeat the sea monster!”

“YOU DO?!” Anna and Paco shouted.

“Yes, first, you have to find the sea monster. You’ll have to bring the stone with you. There is a magical spell that will help defeat the sea monster,” Ezra told the siblings.

“But first, let me take you to the magic chamber.”

All of a sudden, the three of them were whisked away to an echoing room with lazy swirls of glitter inside.

The room was completely dark but somehow, they could still see each other and the swirls of glitter clearly.

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