My First Kiss Horror Story That changed my life for the better.
My First Kiss Horror Story

That changed my life for the better. first kiss stories

makeup_person Y`all my bestie left me!!! :(
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Ugh thinking about it haunts me still!!! But was it worth it find out?

My First Kiss Horror Story That changed my life for the better.

So, a while back I had gotten asked out by my best friend Kyle. I really liked him back. I was that quiet, shy, and kind of friendless girl except for Kyle who I had lived next to me my entire life. Kyle was that popular, outgoing, and charasmatic type of guy. Kyle had only had three serious girlfriends. As I had not had any boyfriends and I was always embarrased by that.

The day Kyle asked me out I told him to give me a few days to think about it because I did not want to seem desparate. I finally told him yes. On the day of our first date, he did not show up because his boss ordered him to stay a few hours because they were shortstaffed. I of course was mad at his boss because I tried my best to look amazing for Kyle and he had ruined it.

The week after we finally managed our first offical date. We went to the movies, to the mall, and finally home. He asked me if he could kiss me but I said no. I joked that, that is a second date question. We hugged and parted our ways for the night. That night I could not sleep because I was so happy and was also worried that he would know that I had no idea on how to kiss.

I kid you not I actually searched up videos on how to kiss and practiced on a bottle of water. I am a loser I know. Anyway the next day we planned out our second date. We made it to be on the weekend of that week, since those were his days off work. The weekend rolls around and we get Chinese takeout because why not? Well, that day little did I know our kiss would be interupted by Salmonella and my period.

By the way he is a vegan and I am not. Well as we are about to kiss I feel my stomach bloat and growl but intensely and violently. He knew what was about to go down so he quickly backed away and let me run to the restroom. I was in there for half an hour until I started to feel better. So, I washed up and he comes out with clean and freshly washed sheets. He asked if I wanted to get medicine and pads or tampons.

Thats when I knew not only did I fricking destroy his toilet but I also stained his bed with my period blood. He ended up walking me across the street to my house meanwhile I told him sorry the entire time. He was so nice about the whole situation and told me it was not my fault. The next day we tried again this time you bet we kissed.

It was the most wonderful kiss ever. I felt like I was literally flying. It was as soft and as sweet as honey. That kiss is the only kiss I wake up to every morning and I would not change it for the life of me. We have know each other for 30 years but married for 10 of those years. Our twins will be 2 next month. Kyle has been my only soulmate and will continue to be my bestfriend. True love never dies. The end!

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