Love in Chains - Chapter 1: Delicacy
Love in Chains - Chapter 1: Delicacy  romance stories

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I don’t want to lay awake dying, without seeing you one time in life...

By: Makayla Baruth

Love in Chains - Chapter 1: Delicacy

by Makayla Baruth

I'm out and ready to consume him cold

He's rare to find, to have, to hold

And once I do find him, no one shall replace his soul

His heart is with mine, forever known as gold

Cuz baby, I'm a fear to every man

Whoever makes one wrong move, forever will be damned

Except that one I'm looking for,

Like no one I've ever had before

I know you'll never be like them, sweet thing

I know you'll never fear me, dark thing

I know you'll always kill me, gorgeous thing

And that's what I need to feel, deep thing

You're beyond precious

Such delicacy can't ever fade away from me

You're beyond luscious

Such delicacy can't ever break away from me

All the years I've searched for you, babe

All the trauma I've gone for you, babe

Could compare to no bodies, zero souls

No bodies, zero souls

I haven't got a clue of when you'll be here

Sooner or later, I'll still be here

I won't ever give up on finding you

I won't ever give up on you

As a beautiful, dark, dangerous individual

Who is filled with such noxious grace,

I will never let you go

I will never, ever let you go

So please, baby, come sooner for me

I don't want to lay awake dying for too much longer

I'm so young, but I can't wake up after I die

Without seeing you one time in life...

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