The Last 12 Months
The Last 12 Months unrequited love stories

makayla i keep cupid on my shoulder. ig:mkylbrc
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I'm afraid I can't love anyone else.

The Last 12 Months

January i let go of you months ago, but i love the way you looked at me in the reflection.

February i want to resist, but i take your hand i don't know if i'm lost or finally found

March my safety net, you catch me when i fall you promised i will never break

April i dialed your number several times but always put the phone down

May i danced with a beautiful man but kept looking at you from over his shoulder

June i ran away from the love they offered because i could not truthfully return it

July i left the state and changed my view but my thoughts remained the same

August i fell for someone and kissed him but the spark died immediately

September everyone blends together only you stand out in the crowd

October the first cold breeze of the season reminded me of when you were mine

November i have an admirer but he isn't you i'm afraid i can't love anyone else

December i cut the strings and travel heartless if i can only love you, i shall love no one

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