All That I Dreamt Of

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i was a goddess before you. my confidence could not be swayed.

All That I Dreamt Of

i was a goddess before you

my confidence could not be swayed

with a heart so big, but so closely guarded

i felt i was forever safe within myself.

your charming tongue fooled me

into letting you into my world

i was foolish to trust your hands

you were a trickster, famous for your evil illusions

and when you unveiled a little wooden box

i let myself believe it was your own heart

i felt secure beside you

and i allowed myself to be vulnerable

the love beaming in my heart

could turn an entire planet green

you settled into my world so perfectly,

and peace surrounded me for the first time.

the realisation made me soar above the clouds

that i finally got what i asked for—

that love that lived in my dreams.

we created an eternal summer

as you touched everything in my world.

i didn't panic when the first flower

began to wilt. i figured it was making room for more.

it was the next morning when fear overcame me

when i awoke to a rotting world.

the birds above had taken flight

all that was green had turned brown

the once crystal clear water was now

cloudy with mud and increasingly shallow

i reached for your hand to hold

but latched onto thin air.

in a matter of minutes, i was devastated

as i found myself sentenced to loneliness yet again.

my sanctuary was robbed before my eyes

and it was your beautiful hands that committed the crime.

the love i had dreamed of—

my heart is back in chains

and will never be free again.

i was a goddess before you

i thought i possessed strength

but all it took was one person

to shatter my self-esteem.

i now sit amongst the wilted flowers

under the dreary hazy sky

too cold to move, but where would i go?

perhaps this really is the world i deserve.

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