a letter to my muse

a letter to my muse i love you stories

makayla i keep cupid on my shoulder. ig:mkylbrc
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let’s finally surrender ourselves to fate

a letter to my muse

it's been months since i've seen you i thought i had you out of my system but it took nothing more than a dream to develop this obsession with you

do you ever get the urge to drive for miles until you land on your knees at my door?

i swear, my heartbeats chant your name and gravity pulls me in your direction tell me, do you hear my name as well?

there is something so strong between us i feel it like static dancing in my veins

my lips can't stop talking about you infatuated with the thought that we will meet again in some way or another.

strange to think that we believed we were stronger than the rest of them all - that to fate we won't surrender ourselves as fools. we have fought long enough.

maybe it's time we allow ourselves to feel maybe being a fool just makes us human.

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