To Live or Exist?
To Live or Exist? sad stories

makara_aikens poet/ love to get people in the ~feels~
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To Live or Exist?
A poem about how everyday, the idea of losing him haunts me despite how much time has passed. I look into my past, present and future but cannot see which path I am on.

To Live or Exist?

To Live or Exist?

Lost in the promise of tomorrow

Consumed by the actions of my past.

I am drowning in a sea of hallow sorrow,

longing for a romance to last.

Yesterday's memories induced regret-

like a freshly reopened wound.

The bain of my existence-

A suffocating pain.

But at last I dream of the present,

yearning for comfort still, I digress,

my future, in trust, I shall be content.

If I follow the path envisioned

my life, I dream, is theoretical.

Though as I fall helplessly into the decision,

it seems my story is his prophetical.

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