Trying to tame that which is within!
Trying to tame that which is within! tame stories

majorityone Just a weirdo!
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You can't even (for the very lives of your individualities) try to simply attempt your "tempting" selves into taking on (that which is within)! You will certainly lose! As you were ALWAYS...meant too!!!


Trying to tame that which is within!

Trying to tame that which is within is a counter defect too something even more excruciatingly impossible too seemingly dabble right into!

All because nothing truly ever remains the same afterwards...

when all limitations are shot clean straight off the market!

A market that is ONLY of the making towards what truly is from within, that harms ALL products into a complete stasis of "subjugation".

Subjugation is how this thing (from within) is desperately trying too fool you into even trying to reach out from within (first and foremost).

Actually, there's NO telling what could happen when you even try to "reach out from within"???

Since nothing is truly trusting when limitations start to burn out!

Like a "spark plug" inside a cars engine that burned out because it short-circuited too many times, that it eventually wore it's entire self out cold!

Showing that even while trying too tame (that which is within) may seem like just an incredible first.... Only until you are shown you've been left both lost and forgotten, altogether.

Until you were to finally discover that nothing ever made sense to begin with. It's because you've been out cold this entire...damn time! WHY?! And why am I just noticing this now...?! Simple...

Because a long, long, long...time ago...

You tried to control something beyond ALL your wildest dreams of being capable of achieving! Especially while trying to tame that which is within! You can't erase the past!

Just like when you are finally discovering that you've been short-circuited one too many times! Conclusion...

The end result, is a massive tempting pleasure! Showing that you were obviously right about one thing...

The market from within, is now spreading joy too your most wildest dreams about simply trying to merely take on that which is within!

PS... What do you suppose that could mean...?

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